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mad libs valentine’s day card creator

Click here to see the American Stationery mad libs Valentine’s Day card creator.

Simple, effective concept- your sweetie needs a card, you don’t want to get them the same thing every year, and this card is funny and geeky and takes a minute to make.

Of course, not that you shouldn’t buy her chocolates as well…


considering generational issues in sales

Anna Liotta writes here about paid time off and how different generations in the workplace perceive this issue.

I would love to hear more about how different generations perceive sales messages. If we have a site selling Lasik surgery, for example, how should we approach different audiences differently?


how not to thank a customer

Recently, a firm I use made a big mistake. I was inconvenienced and unhappy.

They fixed the problem (eventually), and sent a Starbucks gift card.

I went to starbucks this morning and used the card.

Total value?

5 bucks.

IE, less than the price of coffee and a donut at Starbucks.

Fortunately, I bought less than $5. But you can imagine if you usually didn’t go to starbucks, going just this once to use the gift card, and finding that you had to pay a dollar or two more to get your coffee and donut.

I understand that they want to keep costs down, but I have used this company for 10 years. A $5 card? Come on, guys, you can do better than that.

If you are going to go to the trouble of saying “sorry, we screwed up, here is a gift,” make it at least $10-$20. Give me a pound of See’s chocolate- that way I’ll know you care!

email marketing basics- my january column in the snohomish county business journal

Enjoy my email marketing column.

domain names and internet marketing

A reader of my newspaper column asks:

“Hello, I read one of your article and had a question. How important do you think domain names are to internet marketing and what should the domain name have in it for effective marketing?”

Domain names are fairly important, but not the end-all of internet marketing.

If you want people telling your name to their friends, it needs to be easy to say and easy to spell. Take my other blog- Advice from the Top. That blog lives at, as you would expect. Easy to say, hard to misspell.

I would mention that your domain matters less if no one is supposed to be sharing it with friends and colleagues, but why not choose a melodious name?

jim torina interview live

Read Jim’s interview here.

My favorite line:
“Hire smart people, then resell their time at the highest rate possible.”


(Jim runs Talyst)

my web analytics column in a business journal

My first column, this one covering introductory web analytics, can be found at the Snohomish County Business Journal here.

Enjoy! And please do leave comments for more columns.

Web Analytics column in the SCBJ

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