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AdAge asked bloggers what technology in 2008 marketers should be thinking about most.

They posted my response:

Search marketing. This includes search engine optimization, search engine marketing (also called pay-per-click), and dealing with universal search.

When Jeremiah and others say that your corporate website is less relevant than ever, they’re right. But if you ignore the basics in favor of the hot new technologies, you will fall behind those who made sure they built a strong foundation.

Are you highly ranked for your most important keywords and phrases? Have you done the research to know what those phrases really are? Are you paying attention to how you are spending money on search engine marketing? Far less sexy than Facebook ads, no question — but almost always a better generator of sales.
See the post here.

Note the variety of answers people gave. Sure, they picked responses that said different things, but look at the overall variety of “most important” subjects:

branded microcontent
local search
mobile apps
storing data on the web
content marketing
search marketing
online video/tv
content marketing
online advertising exchanges
site optimization (testing)

This says to me that, if you are involved in online marketing, you’d best have some clue about all of these, and really understand a handful.

Go read the whole article. It’s worth your time.

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