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You can now find a blogroll on the right nav bar. See these five quality blogs:

They are the ones I try to read every day. Enjoy.

Also, by a fluke of Google, for today (and today only?) if you search google for ‘fastest growing blog’ you will find me in the #1 and #2 spot. Sort of neat.

news=authority, part 2

What google thinks of my blog:
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So go to wordpress or blogger and start reporting the news in your industry today.

jory the connecter

I had great fun last night talking with Jory and crew from BlogHer, the women’s blogging network. They had a get-together after the first main day of the Blog Business Summit.

I got to meet Jory, Elisa, and Kristin, who is new to the team. I also got to meet various of the bloggers.

After drinks and hour d’oeuvres, we had dinner with a whole slew of folks there for the summit. I got to talk a fair amount with a bunch of interesting people. Mark (he is on the left in the picture) had great stories to tell of his 12 businesses he has built.

I didn’t get to here that much about what Anna does as Director of Marketing at GiveMeaning, but we need to get together so I can hear more. And, this tells you how on the ball she is, I got an email from her at 1:59am this morning. So after the last of us left the restaurant around 11:30, she must have went to her hotel and started contacting everyone she had met. As I said, I need to hear more.

I got to talk with Jim who runs an early stage venture capital fund.

I met others as well, and a few people had run out of business cards by the end of that day. I expect I will hear from many of them next week.

Here are the take-homes from this event:

a) Talking with people in other businesses about what they have been through and hearing advice on your own business is really really fun.

b) You don’t have to have a lot of years in business to tell a good story.

c) If you have not checked out BlogHer, then you are missing the boat. So go read about it. Right now.

d) Everyone should be blogging. Really. You don’t know how much it is hurting you that you are not blogging right now. Get started at Blogger.

e) It is fun to work for a company where people are impressed with the clients. I had not heard of our client before I got this job, but everyone else has. And it means something to them.

f) Most of the BlogHer women are married. Tough.

g) I need to be at the BlogHer Business ’07 in NYC, and probably so do you.

And to get back to the title, thank you to Jory for inviting all those who hang at A great night, more good contacts, and probably more than a few good new clients. Thanks!

why not to transfer content from wordpress to blogger

Sucharith asked how to transfer content to one of the better blogging tools. I say, don’t do it. Start your new blog on Blogger, but keep all your old content on wordpress. Three reasons:

1. Technorati looks at blogs and links, and assuming your blog has any blogs linking to it, that gives you authority in technorati. Move all your content away, and then that authority is wasted. It would be like getting 50 good feedbacks on eBay, then creating a new account.

Why not just duplicate the content? Because search engines will penalize you. Again, this applies only if your blog has some traction. If your audience is small and will follow you to your new blog, no worries.

2. Links and bookmarks- say someone likes your site and bookmarks to a post. Or another blogger links to you. Poor form to have the file not found. Be kind to your readers.
3. There are other ways of telling how important a blog is, like Google PageRank, that you would lose when you switch services and move all the content over.

Solution- start your new blog, and link back to your old blog often. This balances ease of use for you with keeping authority and pagerank with being kind to your readers.

Go to the new blog

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