‘extra dark chocolate’ landing page analysis

I am looking for clients in the chocolate industry, and I came across landing pages for the top 5 ranked PPC ads under ‘extra dark chocolate.’

I rank each on the three basic landing page principles.
1. Is it easy to tell what is being sold?
2. Is it easy to tell why I should buy it?
3. Is it easy to buy?

In no particular order:

1. It is selling 5 things- a tin full of chocolate, a crate full of chocolate, a thank you card, Cherry kisses, and a collection of dark chocolates. But I searched for ‘extra dark chocolate.’
2. Because it is Hershey’s? Though that doesn’t help when Hershey’s is not know favorably for their dark chocolate…
3. I would bet that I would click on the image to buy it, and I would be right- that takes me to a product detail page that answers more about why I should buy it.

Scharffen Berger
Scharffen Berger

1. “Image not available”?!? You just paid upwards of a dollar (is my guess) but you don’t care enough to show me an ad? I called and left a message. UPDATE- they fixed the page. As a result of my call? Don’t know.
2. Well, I can’t tell what they are selling, soooo..
3. If I click on the Image not Found, it takes me to a category page for the whole Scharffen Berger store… not anything in particular to do with Extra Dark Chocolate.

Secret Spoon
Secret Spoon

1. They are selling hand-dipped strawberries, clearly.
2. Because they look really, really good.
3. Click the Buy button I assume.


1. They are selling Choxie, which I think are chocolate balls, but not totally sure.
2. Because it is only for connoisseurs.
3. No buy now button, no anything. I can click around, but no add to cart. Help!


1. They sell chocolate. From Switzerland.
2. Well, I don’t see any specific benefits… but I am also not looking at a particular item.
3. I have to click on one of the boxes to get to a product page.

Landing page fundamentals:
1. Tell me what you are selling.
2. Tell me why I should buy it.
3. Let me buy it.Secret Spoon hit 2 out of 3- it is clear what they are selling and how to buy it. Good show!

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