plaxo sucks- not true!

“Plaxo sucks” no longer applies- because after I made that statement here, a former employee blogged a response. Regardless of the quality of the product, any company that has a human reply to me makes me think they are doing something right. Here is my reply to Terry:
While I use google to make quick decisions about services, I always appreciate humans stepping in to help when I don’t have all the information.

I wonder what Plaxo is doing to fight the bad press in google that led to my dismissing the app. I write about how to fight bad press, and I would suggest that Plaxo work at getting a top ranking for the phrase Plaxo Sucks and other terms people like me use to find the downsides of a product.

A note here: Wendy sent me a Plaxo update, so I know she uses it, so I feel it is probably good. I googled Plaxo Sucks in order to hear the downsides. If what I read had seemed unsubstantial, then I would have probably tried it out.

Curious that a former Plaxo guy is the one monitoring buzz, and not someone at Plaxo. As you point out, those rankings and blog posts are very important.


4 Responses to “plaxo sucks- not true!”

  1. 1 terry chay May 4, 2007 at 12:45 pm


    Excellent point. A lot of people at Plaxo read blogs. No doubt, some of them are reading this exchange right now. I think some of them will read your article on bad press and try to take some of those ideas. In fact, Plaxo’s blogging policy allows for just this continuation of the discussion.

    Because of this transparent policy, they sometimes reply to them. Sometimes they make mistakes, but that’s really a human failing, isn’t it?

    Thanks for the props.

    Take care,


  2. 2 brianatportent May 4, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    Of course, if I were Plaxo, I would just hire a company like Portent Interactive in order to get someone like me paying attention to their press, and ready to leap into action to respond to comments in the way that you have done.

    Thanks for the convo,

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