lenoraedwards.com launches- powerful simplicity

Lenora Edwards just launched her new 8 page website to promote her business consulting practice.

Lenora’s Site

Copy combines with good design (which is focused on who Lenora is) combines with good conversation marketing techniques like the Blog to make a strong, simple site. See how much you can get into an 8 page site, especially the client list and testimonials list, by looking at her site here.

If you want a similar site built, tough, because we don’t build sites to be carbon copies of sites we have already built. A site has to talk about you, and what you or your company offer.

That said, look at Fred Janssen’s site, and you will see some similarities- notably the strong headline, photo as the center of the page, and testimonials featuring prominently on the site. We follow the same basic design and marketing principles even as we tailor sites to individuals.

Disclaimers: Well, where to begin. My Mother hired Lenora as her business coach, and was very pleased, and Lenora introduced me to Ian which is how I got this job, and Lenora also was Ian’s business coach, and I have found Lenora a client, and she is finding me clients, and I managed the building of this site… so I may be a bit biased. Click here and have a look for yourself.

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