how to avoid making bad decisions based on too short a time horizon

Looking at last week, we can see that my blog is really getting popular!


One problem: that is just one week of results, and you shouldn’t start buying stock in my blog just because I had a stellar week.

Nor should you continue (or increase) (or decrease) advertising spend in one area based on one week of results. We can get so much data, so fast, that we sometimes assume that data means something. But put in to the bigger picture, one week’s worth of data may mean very little. In the case of my blog, I posted more often than I had been, and that resulted in a rise in views.

The Long View

Yes, I still had a fast growing week, but put in to context, the results are not that impressive.

To avoid making bad decisions, focus on the longer term results on your internet marketing campaign. If you have a great week, it is time to pat yourself on the back, but don’t open the champagne until you have more data.

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