gtd and zen-like happiness

It is 10:59am, and I am finished with work.

Not really- there are a multitude of small tasks that await me. But all of my major projects are moving forward, my inbox is empty, my desk is clean, my clients are happy, and I am at peace.

This is not how it was 3 months ago.

Some things I have started doing over the last 3 months to get me to my current state of effectiveness and happiness, many of them from David Allen’s Getting Things Done:

  • I keep my inbox empty- using the 2 minute rule, items are completed, deferred to an action list, delegated, or trashed.
  • I capture all ideas/notes for later review (excel + a moleskine)
  • I keep all of my projects and their next actions on one sheet of paper, so I can track where I am at at all times.
  • I have a physical inbox on my desk, where everything goes that I am not working on at this very moment.
  • I put more thought in to what I do best, and what I should delegate, and try to delegate everything I can.
  • I do my most important task of the day before coworkers arrive.

When I get in at 7, no one is here to distract me- so this morning, I could get my 2 have-to-be-done today tasks complete before an 8am meeting. (True, the boss is usually here at that hour, but Ian is also enjoying the bliss of getting work done, so we don’t bug each other too much.)

Because all of my most important tasks are done, delegated, or waiting for a reply, I can spend this afternoon thinking about how to make my clients more money. Or how to sell more of our services. Or how to be a better coworker. Or… any of those things I wish I had time to think about but don’t.

Read Getting Things Done. Read Merlin’s blog which puts GTD into practice at 43 Folders.

And start enjoying the happiness that comes from working on what really matters. (that sounds so canned, but it is so true.)

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