most views in a day and the long tail

With 163 views, and 69 people reading the feed, today was the highest viewing day so far.

most views so far

Why? A significant factor was me leaving a trackback on Seth’s blog, but that does not explain the majority of traffic:

long tail of all for you

You can see here that in the referrer logs, 1/3 of the referrals came from Seth. The next 4 referrers count for the next third of traffic, and all the posts that got one or two people referred account for the last third.

Look at the number of views for each post:

best day ever stats

Here is the long tail in action. It says that one popular item can be outshown by a bunch of less popular items. The lesson is to have a LOT of content- on your blog, on your site, in your online store. And search engines like lots of relevant content as well.

Though now that I have hit 163 views and 69 feed subscribers, the next step is to a) move to moveable type and get google analytics installed and b) beat that personal record.

Party on, Garth.

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