new problem- aggregating comments across posting areas

So Marianne posted a response to the media consumption question. And that post has been syndicated through her main blog, then a group blog, and now BlogHer.

How does she aggregate the comments? How do I? I want to follow this conversation, but tracking comments on all three is silly. Even if they each have an RSS just for comments.

How do you aggregate comments for this?

(The most recent syndication is here– worth reading.)

1 Response to “new problem- aggregating comments across posting areas”

  1. 1 Linda March 1, 2007 at 8:18 am

    I wondered the same thing. I responded to your post on the media consumption diet. Then realized I had not responded to Jeremiah’s post so did not get in on the original (bigger?) conversation. I decided it was okay and not worth going to find where else I should post it. But also realized the conversation must be getting fragmented.

    I’ll keep reading your blog cuz I know you will solve for this. ‘-)

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