fight bad press: what an internet marketing agency can do for you

A person called asking about if we could help his company fight some bad press they were getting. Let me share with you what I told him.

Here’s what an internet marketing agency can do for you to fight bad press:

1. Help you assess the damage. There are many freely available tools (from Technorati to Google Alerts to Socialmeter) that can help you find out what people are saying about you. All of these tools you could use yourself: our value added is helping you understand them and integrating them into your response.

2. Craft a response. Step 1 is dealing with the specific bad press- do you say you are sorry, do you accept responsibility, etc. Step 2 is crafting how this response will go out- what forms, in what media. Our value added is that we market in a wide variety of media, so we can bring you the big picture.

3. Distribute the response. Start blogging, commenting on others’ blogs, talking with the leaders in the area you are dealing with, communicating to customers, putting ads on google.

4. Continue the conversation/keep up-to-date. We can help you define progress as measurable goals. We’ll use analytics tools to see who is listening, through which media. And we’ll help you evolve how you are responding to the situation as it evolves.

The price depends on the problem, and what other kinds of marketing. Frankly, fighting bad press for you and then going home is not appealing. Fighting bad press as a start to doing regular search engine optimization and marketing for you is appealing.

BEFORE you hire an agency to help you fight bad press, check their record. Do they have experience in PR? Do they blog? Do they get high rankings for search terms important to their focus? Due diligence is as important as always, especially while you are dealing with PR problems.

If you are having to fight bad press right now, give me a call and let’s talk about your situation.

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