do-it-yourself internet marketing

DIY internet marketing- for when you don’t have the money to hire the experts.

3 steps:
1. Know your goals and know the room.
2. Prioritize.
3. Measure, measure, measure.

Know your goals and know the room
Answer these questions in as much depth as possible:

  • Why are you doing internet marketing?
  • Why are you doing it yourself, instead of hiring experts?
  • Who are you selling to? (This may not be the same group as you sell to offline.)
  • What constitutes success? ROI, press mentions, getting more leads?

(These questions are taken from Ian’s free internet marketing book.)

To start, there is pay-per-click and search engine optimization. There is also usability, contingency design, banner ads, blog ads and reviews, modifying site code, email marketing, and blogging and podcasting. If you are going to do your own internet marketing, where are you going to start?

Don’t try to do all of the above at once. Instead, choose one, and get to work on that. For example, read up on search engine optimization (you can find a For Dummies book that covers the basics). Once you have your site to a basic level of optimization (title tags are targeted towards correct keywords, as are headers and page content, there is no duplicate content, and your site is fully crawlable), then go on to the next area, which may be PPC.

Know what kind of results you are looking for in each area. SEO can take months to have a serious impact on search rankings. So doing it yourself means you put a lot of work in, and then see little or no results for months. Understand this before you begin optimizing your site.

Measure, measure, measure
You should be using Google Analytics as your primary analytics tool. Not familiar? Check out Google Analytics Video Tutorial 1: Setup and Google Analytics Video Tutorial 2: Essential Stats which will show you the basics. The main thing is to get in the mindset of measuring everything and to learn the basics of Google Analytics so you can track what you are doing.

At a more advanced level with Google Analytics, if you are selling a product directly online, it can show you how much money you are getting for each click you bring to your site. That means you can spend up to that amount and still be making money. Measure this kind of data whenever you can.

For your first step, read Ian’s primer, Conversation Marketing. Then think about your goals for internet marketing, prioritize those goals and what tactics you are going to use to get them accomplished, and measure everything.

Or, if you want a leg up, consider hiring Ian as a short-term internet marketing consultant. Cheaper than a longer-term contract, while you still get the broad perspective and experience you want in an advisor. $7500, and you end up with a Playbook that helps you understand your priorities and the steps you should take to accomplish your goals. Read more here.

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