search engine optimization: patience, patience, patience

On February 14th I made some SEO changes to my blog to get a higher ranking for my name, Brian Keith. Google took 3 days to recognize my changes.

I have been in the #10 spot before, but was #12 the day I made the seo changes. These included changing the subheader of my blog from ‘the client services blog’ to ‘the client services blog by brian keith.’ Also, in the blurb on the upper right part of the nav bar, I added my name twice.

Today, I am #9, the highest I have been (that I know of).
#9 for Brian Keith

A few notes:

1. Make sure you are optimizing for keywords that really matter. Being top ranked for Brian Keith is not going to directly increase Portent’s revenue. But it will show our clients and prospects that we know something about SEO and how to use blogs to help with that.

2. I am #9. #1-#7 are all the same person- the famous actor who committed suicide. Imagine how many people are linking to stories and sites about him vs. people linking to me. It may be that the only way to get top rankings for my name is to go on a campaign to put my name everywhere and get many links based on my name. This is fine if you are a company that trades on your name, but not in my case, because that would be boring.

Choose your keywords wisely- ones you can compete on and that will bring you ROI.

2 Responses to “search engine optimization: patience, patience, patience”

  1. 1 Linda March 1, 2007 at 7:36 am

    In reading this post on SEO I just discovered a blogging ‘rule’ I plan to follow…be careful about offhand comments that can derail your message. You mention in this one, the subject of which is to get your name higher in the rankings, that the ‘other’ Brian Keith is the actor who committed suicide.

    Number 1) I did not know he did and immediately left your site to go find out more. You lost me for a bit and I could have stayed gone.

    Number 2) Some of your readers may have lost someone close to them through suicide. You not only just lost them, but you may have caused them pain. And somehow when the pain is from a completely unexpected direction, a blogpost on SEO, it can be harder to recover from.

    I am a trainer and years ago used a funny bit about a contractor who defrauded some banks and a lot of sub-contractors in town. Someone found him and shot him…really. Not dead, just hurt him. I used to say that…and then say I was not sure if it was the bankers or the contractors who found them. It always got a laugh.

    Then my friend’s brother was killed in one of those go-to-work-and-shoot-random-people incidents. She cannot hear ‘someone shot him’ and not immediately think of her brother with great sadness. I never told that part of the story again.

    Number 3) Some of us think suicide in the face of the final stages of a crippling illness is different than suicide due to depression. In fact, the State of Oregon sanctions physician-assisted death in those cases. And of course, depression that leads to suicide is itself a crippling illness. The impression I got from your post was that Brian Keith must have been a miserable man but from the website describing his life and death, maybe not.


    So there you go…three reasons I am going to consider carefully the side remarks that are not central to my message. Thanks for the post. I always learn something even if it is not what you thought I would learn. ‘-)

  1. 1 search engine optimization: #5 for ‘brian keith’ in google « All For You Trackback on February 21, 2007 at 3:33 pm

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