five things you don’t know about me

My boss tagged me, so I guess I better answer:

1. I am a shooting instructor for rifles and handguns.

2. I have played trombone for a decade.

3. My RedHead Childhood Survey (I just made up that name) has been administered to about 6 people over the last 4 years, with the conclusions so far that most redheads are deeply affected by their hair color, and most of them underplay how much their hair color affects their personality, relationships, jobs, etc.

4. I lived in Wales for a year.

5. Both of my parents have run their own businesses since before my birth, so I have no idea what it would be like to have parents that worked 9-5. “Work” lasts until it is done, balanced with family life, in order to get food on the table for the kids.

In the spirit of the democracy of the net and of blogs, I will ‘vote with my feet’ by not tagging 5 other people.

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