little things matter | what i learned recruiting at wsu

While my recruiting talk. at Washington State University yesterday went well, there were many other small things that happened over the weekend and yesterday that could be as important as the people I met as a result of my talk.

A casual mention of a friend who works for another company may turn in to a prospect.

Running in to a professor of mine and telling her more about what I do now may result in her department hiring Portent.

Talking with the Study Abroad people, they are going to interview me on what I learned while studying abroad that has helped me in the “real world” of work in Seattle.

Discussion at a coffee shop results in an article being written, which could be the beginning of a long term relationship.

I meant to interview one potential recruit. I meant to give a talk on internet marketing jobs. I meant to build more connections through the College of Business.

And I am not sure whether any of the things I meant to do matter more than the things that just happened.

For me, the moral is to be aware of opportunities, all the time. And in internet marketing, that means doing everything right, every time, because we don’t know which aspect is going to matter most for any one visitor.

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