uw springboard

Wednesday night was Springboard at UW, a recruiting event for startups in the Seattle area. Here are the companies that attended:

All Star Directories
Alphabet Lane, Inc.
Atlas Accelerator
Buerk Dale Victor, LLC
ek Real Estate Group (updated name)
Enerdyne Thermal Solutions, Inc.
goChongo, Inc.
Healia, Inc.
Jakoba Software
Junxion Inc.
Knacta, Inc.
Local Marketers, Inc.
Movaya Wireless
mPoria, Inc.
Portent Interactive
QL2 Software
RIPL Corp.
SchoolSoft Corporation
SecondSpace, Inc.
Sionic Group
Targeted Growth, Inc.
Titanium Ant LLC
Visual Ignition LLC
Whidbey Equity Group
Widemile, Inc.
Works Out Software
ZINO Society

Meeting all of these companies reminded me of the variety of firms starting up in Seattle. Zino connects angel investors with startups. Widemile does landing page optimization. Alphabet Lane does remodeling consulting. Second Space does… well, they won’t tell anyone yet.

Kudos to the UW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for putting this on.

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