prepositioning websites

Fred Janssen doesn’t have a site yet at, but he will in a month.

To preposition his name for Google, I am writing this post and tagging it with his name. In a few days, this post will be in the top 5 at least for his name. Then, when the site goes live, I will post again with links to his site.

This does a few things: people searching for his name right now will be able to find him above the fold in Google. Also, by linking to his site from my blog, I make sure Google indexes his site promptly.

It can take months for a site to appear in the rankings pages; it takes a blog days. This is because Google et alia like frequently updated content, which a blog is.

You can use this same tactic to preposition a website you are launching- just get a wordpress or blogger blog, and write about the new site.

I did this before with CASSIN Collections, and it worked like a charm. And I send links to her site.

Check the Google results page for Fred Janssen in a few days, and you should see this post.

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