how’s my seo? three quick ways to check your search engine optimization

We all want to be on the first page of Google, and here are three easy ways to see how you are doing.

1. Look for your major keywords on Google. Which page are you on for your 3-5 major keywords? Check this each week to see progress, or lack thereof.

2. Search google for So for my blog,, the output is a list of every page on the site. The important part here is that I have 235 pages on my blog. The higher the page count the better, generally speaking, the better, as it is more search engine food.

3. Search google for, for my blog, where we see that I have 49 incoming links.

For practice, do these three steps for Conversation Marketing, my boss Ian’s blog.

1. He is #10 for ‘internet marketing seattle’ and #1 for ‘conversation marketing’ and ‘ian lurie.’ I am cheating a bit because I know what terms he is high for. A better test is to identify in advance the terms you want to be high for, and then test yourself for those terms.

2. There are about 250 pages.

3. There are 155 incoming links to his blog.

Now use the data: On the keywords, Ian is doing quite well for his name, his brand (conversation marketing), and his industry in his location (internet marketing seattle). For pagecount, he just edges me out. But in incoming links, we see that Ian’s blog is more than 3 times more powerful than mine.

Rankings, pagecount, and sites linking in. 3 easy ways to assess your seo.

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