is it better to put some effort in to internet marketing or to stay home?

Ian shares his opinion on going halfway:

Search Engine Optimization. Doing ‘a little SEO’ to see what happens is like starting heart surgery then seeing if you feel better.”

How much can the front page of Google make for you? How about the top three spots?

Washington State University admitted 146 students to the Honors College this year. How many of them would have been influenced by a top ranking for ‘honors college blog?’ Not many.

Except, having that top ranking attract the kinds of students who are at the cutting edge of technology.

What about top billing for ‘washington honors college?’ Why is WSU #3, after the University of Washington (the cross-state rival) and Central Washington University (a much smaller college)?

Here’s a better question: David’s Bridal sells wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, and yet is not on the first page of Google for either of those phrases.


An Honors College who doesn’t care enough to get a top spot in a non-competitive environment that would show their dedication to being on the edge? A dress seller that doesn’t want to be known as the leader in their categories?

For Bridesmaid dresses, Dessy is #1. Because they understood that it is worth the time and the money to be in the top 3 results on Google.

What is your excuse for not being top three? Or, to go back to the title of this post, why are you still #9? Did you get some success, and see sales pick up a little, and say “oh, that’s good enough for now…?”

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