the true stamp of success

I am so proud today. Our site has been totally copied by… somebody. As in, they took all of our site, replaced Ian’s and Portent’s name, and put it up on their URL.

So proud.

You could check it out, before I removed the link so I would not be in Google under his name.

Oh, they changed the image too.

Ian is less impressed than I that we have been ripped off. He even includes screen shots so, when the offender takes their site down, you can see just what they did.

Let me add that (name redacted) is the name they used for their president.

UPDATE: They have taken the site down, 90 minutes after Ian contacted the guy through LinkedIn.

UPDATE: The guy’s kid did it. Tough. Because now his name in google brings up my blog posts about him…

UPDATE: I have edited my posts, removing any links to him or the offending site, so as to not show up in Google for a search for his name. The guy contacted us asking us to remove the posts…

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