‘razorfish internet marketing jobs’ | SEO case study

Let me drive home the importance of blogging as it relates to SEO. Google razorfish internet marketing jobs. Now, if you are Razorfish, you want your jobs page to be first, right?

Well, a bunch of other websites where jobs at Razorfish have been posted are first, and one craigslist entry. Fine.

But, at #9, is me. Talking about Razorfish internet marketing jobs as it relates to the talk I am giving soon in Pullman on that topic.

You do not want your competitors to come up before you in a search on your name.

What about a Avenue A | Razorfish (their full name) jobs blog? That could be #1 for searches like this, and connect directly with people looking for jobs with that firm.

What do you want top rankings for? Now go blog about it.

UPDATE: This post is #2 under the search for ‘jobs at razorfish.’ A variety of other job sites still show up under that search, and a Razorfish URL is nowhere to be found.

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