‘internet marketing jobs’ talk in pullman, wa, jan 29

I will be speaking at Washington State University on January 29th about “Internet Marketing Jobs in Seattle.” I will go over the roles, the companies, and the compensation available. I have asked our competitors POP, Zaaz, and Razorfish to talk with me about what is available at their companies so I represent them fairly.

Here are the questions I am going to answer for Portent.

1. What kinds of jobs are available?
2. What kind of experience is required?
3. What kind of compensation, both starting and after 2-3 years?
4. What kind of advancement?

5. How big is the company?
6. What kind of culture?
7. What kind of clients?
8. What is the focus of the company?
9. Is it independently owned, and if so who is the owner?
10. How old is the company?

And I just had a brain flash- I should record this and publish it- my very first podcast.

Invited to attend are all the MIS people, some of whom I will be pitching earlier in the day, and the Entrepreneurship students, and the Honors College, and the business school, and if I get that interview in the school paper, I guess everyone…

We are planning on a room that holds about 20-40 people. I would LOVE it if 100 people showed up. Standing room only and a line out the door…

If you have any questions you think I ought to answer for these college students beyond those I have listed above, let me know. I will try to limit myself to 30 minutes of talking, and then answer questions, maybe run an exercise (split the room up into 4 groups to show the size of the 4 companies I will be talking about). If you happen to be around Pullman on January 29th, stop on by, it will be fun.

UPDATE: I include time/location info here.

3 Responses to “‘internet marketing jobs’ talk in pullman, wa, jan 29”

  1. 1 KermitFan January 9, 2007 at 8:06 am

    I think that it’s the Husky in me that asks, “Why oh why would I ‘just happen to be around Pullman on January 29th?'” Alas, I will put out the proverbial university rivalry olive branch and offer this topic for your interactive conversation: why did the items that you listed above make a difference for YOU? That is to say: for one person, a small company would drive them crazy because they don’t necessarily get the opportunity to specialize in the skills/career that they want.

    On the topic of culture, if I was in your audience, I’d be interested in how you defined culture and how you compared/contrasted the cultures of the companies that you talked to… what was the defining factor about Portent that won you over? Did you go with your gut instinct? Did you do extensive research? How did you land where you landed?

    Just my $.02… even if I am a UW grad… 🙂

  1. 1 so why did i choose portent? « All For You Trackback on January 9, 2007 at 1:46 pm

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