how to use controversy in blogs

So Nina writes a blog. Her company sells day planners for moms, and is a client of ours.

Here is the question: what kind of controversy can Nina talk about in her blog that will demonstrate her personality and sell more product?

It is the second part of that that is tricky- selling more product may be a poor short term goal. Talking with Nina by phone, she is fun and exciting. So maybe her giving her take on things in general, not related necessarily to day planners and time organization, is the best way to grow her blogs popularity. And a pleasant consequence would be moving more product.

This is what we (the internet marketers) have not gotten a clear handle on yet- how to use blogs to sell. Robert Scoble and Shel Israel in Naked Conversations say that your blog should not be focused on selling, but on proving your passion and authority on a subject.

So how to prove passion and authority about day planners for moms?

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