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The Keith scale for

Text: 2- the most helpful text to me is the quote at the bottom of the page, but I am not familiar with the business.

Image: 1.5- there is a class being taught- by who? Given that the company is based on a personality, show us that person.

Design: 1.5- the basic layout is fine, but why the purple? It does not feel all that professional.

Call to Action (doubled): 2- there are 2 calls to action, at the top. To be a 3, they should stand out from the text more, and the entire page should be oriented around them. Also, it does not hurt to show the call to action more than once. “Do this,” then have text supporting the decision, then give them the chance to do it again.

Overall score: 9/15 (use less purple, and emphasize the calls to action even more)

What does your site rate?

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  1. 1 Linda Keith January 26, 2007 at 11:08 am

    Thanks for the review. Challenge…what do you do when the real vibrant color that you use in your actual logo is not one of the web-certified-will-look-the-same-to-everyone colors?

    Your point about the picture is well taken. When the website was mostly about training it made more sense. I’ll be thinking about other ways to communicate through a picture what I do.

    The issue of personality is a tougher one. When a business is based on a personality and the ‘person’ is working toward branding it less on personality (to build a brand that does not depend on her), having the persons picture on the home page does not make sense to me.

    What do you think?

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