bragging modestly | step 6 | conversation marketing

Saltworks sells salt. And when you search google for sea salt, Saltworks has the first two main results and the first ad result.

This is bragging modestly.

Whenever possible, have some one else say how great you are.

We know this in job interviews- it is the person with connections who gets the job. The lone interviewee doesn’t stand a chance.

Think about how you buy presents for people. You hear about something, and then you buy it. How did you hear about it? Chances are, a friend or a community of some kind recommended it.

In internet marketing, the best community is often google. Search google for Bridesmaids dresses. The first result must be good, right?

For your website, Bragging Modestly takes a few forms:
1. search engine rankings, which includes main results and ads
2. testimonials on your site
3. tell-a-friend

Search Engine Rankings
Organic rankings (the main search results) and PPC rankings (the ads on the side of google) are the best ways to brag modestly in most situtations. Getting in to the organic rankings through search engine optimization (SEO) takes six months to a year. Getting in to the paid ad results takes 5 minutes. This is where the internet marketing agency I work for makes it’s money- because we have proven we can get to the top of google again and again. The salt company and the dress company I mentioned above are clients of ours who we have helped brag modestly in the best way possible.

You can do SEO and PPC on your own, and you should expect amateur results. If internet marketing is going to play a big role in your organization’s success, you owe it to yourself to consider hiring professionals. They cost a lot, but the best want to be compensated on performance when possible, so it is not as risky as it sounds.

On you can see Felicity Huffman say “I love the momAgenda! It keeps me and my family organized no matter how much is going on!”

Testimonials are tricky because they are very specific to your audience. Donald Trump can’t sell me a cake recipe, and my grandmother can’t sell me a book on becoming a billionaire.

The way to get testimonials is to ask. Have a contact box, offer people an incentive to tell you what they think of you, however you can get them.

I am grouping YouTube and Digg and similar sites in here. When someone hears about you through a medium other than your site, whether a comment during lunch or a video shared through IM or a tell-a-friend link on your articles, this is bragging modestly. And when a friend tells a friend about you, some of the good feelings the friends share will be transferred on to you.

You can encourage people sharing about you by technical things like adding tell-a-friend links all over your site or sending out emails. You can also build it in to your story- say something that is worth spreading. Stormhoek wines gave out coupons for 40% off their wine. But you could only get them if a friend told you what web address to go to to get them, or if they handed you one. And you could make as many copies as you wanted.

Learn More
Conversation Marketing is available for $25 through Ian’s site. It will save you thousands, because when you go to talk with an internet marketing agency you will know the questions to ask.

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