“facebook me”- how facebook is changing how the under-30 crowd communicates

When I want to keep in touch with someone college-aged, I don’t ask for their phone number. I ask them to facebook me.

That’s shorthand for “add me as a friend to your facebook profile.” Sometimes, I give them my name and they would have to search in facebook to find me. More often, I give them my name and tell them to search a common friend’s friend list.

The friends list is a usually public list of everyone you share friend status with. So when I meet Doug through my friend Bob, I don’t have to remember Doug’s full name. I just remember his name, or even just his face (most facebook users put photos in their profiles), and look through Bob’s friend list to find him.

If facebook went down, I would not know how to get ahold of many of my friends. I some of their cell numbers, but for some people, leaving a message on facebook is at least as reliable as calling them.

If you are involved in marketing to people under 30, read up on facebook and myspace. Understanding how your target audience communicates is crucial for crafting spreadable marketing messages.

3 Responses to ““facebook me”- how facebook is changing how the under-30 crowd communicates”

  1. 1 KermitFan December 18, 2006 at 11:22 am

    Is it possible, that at some point, we are becoming /too/ reliant on technology to run our lives? For example, one of my family members knows my father’s telephone number as “dial 2.” This is helpful until the power goes out (as it did for a few days this past weekend)… now how are you supposed to reach people?

  2. 2 dscudder December 18, 2006 at 4:51 pm

    Hey – Cool post. I totally agree that this generation is becoming heavily reliant on FB. What if FB just dissappeared? We’d feel a significant loss, and most of us couldn’t go to traditional forms of communication. Imagine sending a letter snail mail?

    Check out my blog – I recently discussed a similar subject.


  3. 3 brianatportent December 18, 2006 at 5:09 pm

    I wrote on dscudder’s blog:

    “As I have left college and started the long workdays of an internet company, I value facebook more than ever. I check it between 2 and 5 times a day, keeping in contact with my friends who are elsewhere in the business world and still back at school.

    The more responsibility I have, the more I want to easily connect to “my people” and the best way to do that is facebook. Calling someone is an intrusion to their privacy in comparison to messaging them or writing on their wall in facebook.”

    And we just have to hope that the net never goes out… Which is a bit silly considering the kind of weather we have been having in Seattle. Not only no electricity in some parts, but no phones or cell phones. At least the landscape looks peaceful at night…

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