how do you measure success? using analytics to decide what a click is worth

Envision sells call center solutions. They hired us for search marketing. Challenge is, they make their sales by phone calls and sales reps. Nothing gets sold online.

So how do you measure success?

Actually, something does get sold online, just not for money. Envision has a Resource Library, which is full of PDFs of various kinds. The White Papers and Success Stories are especially important to them. These are sold for the price of the time to read them.

So we are going to put tracking code in the links to those PDFs. Google tells you how to do that here.

This will enable us to discuss with Envision how much a downloaded PDF is worth. I am totally making up the following numbers: if the average sale is worth $10,000, the average client downloads 1 PDF before calling a salesperson, and there are 1,000 PDF downloads per new client acquired, then each PDF download is worth $10. If half the people who click through to the site download a PDF, then each click is worth $5.

This is why analytics is so important: If the above math were true, Envision could say to us at Portent, for every PDF downloaded they will pay $4. Because they know that at that level they are making money.

Now, when you go in to overhead and direct costs it gets more complicated, obviously, but the basic idea applies to every business in every industry we have dealt with so far.

If you want a tool that will do this for you, go here. This is a sheet my boss Ian made that will help you calculate these numbers.

(Envision also has a blog on call center methodology. Take a look. They got mentioned in an important call center blog, in part because they have left comments on that blog.)

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