title tags and description tags: a case study | podtech.net

I was writing an email to Jeremiah giving some tips on his site’s metatags, but figured I would post it hear instead.

The site is Podtech.net, a podcasting website. See my previous post about what they do.

Right now, Podtech’s title tag and description tag are not optimized for search engines or for users. Search google for Podtech, and the first result you see is them. The title tells you something about what they do:

PodTech.net: Technology, Business, Media, and News Podcasts

But the description tells you very little:

Experience CES Las Vegas 2007 with PodTech.net at the Bellagio as we provide … SAN FRANCISCO, December 5, 2006 (PodTech News) — Search competition may be …

Looking through the HTML (I will save you that fun) you can see that they do not have a description tag.

How important are search engines to your business? If the answer is anything other than “not at all,” then you should put the effort in to making a title tag and description tag for your homepage. Yes, ideally they should be on every page, and all different, but that can take hours. Make those two tags for your homepage takes less than 10 minutes, and can have a long term impact on how many people click through to your site.

Consider Portent’s tags. Search for us in google under “internet marketing agency,” and our title tag reads

Seattle internet marketing and search engine optimization agency …

Read below the title, and it says

Portent Interactive, a full service internet marketing agency located in Seattle, combines web site design, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing and …

That real estate is crucial, and if you are not using it to market your company, you are throwing sales away.

What if Podtech’s read like so:

Technology, Business, and Media podcasts, served fresh daily | Podtech.net
passionate, authentic voices: PodTech Network is a growing network of audio and video podcasts for influencers and leaders in the global technology and media industries. Our rapidly expanding roster of top-quality programs can be easily experienced on a personal computer or portable media player.

Not all of that description would show up in a search engine results page, but you would have a much better idea of what they were about, and be much more likely to click through to the site.

Jeremiah, feel free to use that text. It is taken from elsewhere in your site, after all. And I bet you will see traffic go up as a result.

Anyone who wants a 1-minute title tag/description tag review, leave a comment, and I will post about you.

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