podcasting 101: what it is, why it matters, and how you can use it to build community

Jeremiah over at Podtech talked with me about podcasting and how it can help our clients.

Podcasting refers to mp3 files that are syndicated using RSS, so someone can subscribe to your podcast like they would subscribe to a blog or a newsletter.

There are three main benefits Jeremiah pointed out.

1. Anybody can podcast. In old media, like radio, some people controlled the medium. Now everyone has a voice.

2. Information is time shifted. The nightly news is on the TV at 11. But a podcast is on whenever you the user want to listen. This means that most advertisements are much less effective. Think Tivo. Any marketing that is effective has to provide real value to the user.

3. Information is location shifted. Podcasts are an ambient medium, and people can play them wherever they want. While most podcasts are listened to through a browser, people may also listen while doing almost anything. Unlike reading or watching a video, a podcast does not demand someone’s full attention.

So Podtech fits in by helping people and companies understand how to use podcasts to build their business and their community. They provide podcast production and video production, media talent (so even if your product is not the most exciting in the world, it will sound like it on your podcast), and distribution.

This last is the most important, in my opinion. Jeremiah points out that, as time moves on, my company will start producing podcasts, so the lasting value is in having the distribution channel.

As for building community, I can’t speak much to this just yet. What we plan to do is connect some of our clients with Podtech for interviews, which will then go on Podtech’s site. If you are setting the standard in your industry, and you want to talk about it, then Jeremiah wants to hear from you.

I am sure Jeremiah could send me to one of his posts detailing examples of building community through podcasts. It would be much appreciated.

To learn more, visit http://www.podtech.net.

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