the start-up attitude: no guarantees

“No matter how hard you work, there is no guarantee of anything. There is no guarantee of a job in the months ahead, no firm placement of a where your office may be, and certainly no perks that established companies have.” – Andy on creating value in a startup

Today it snowed here in Seattle. So much that only about one third of our people could make it to the office, with most of the rest working from home. I assumed that my team would be here today so we could work together on a project.

Some people call this assumicide. What if it snows? What if your best client goes bankrupt? What if your best employee is not available? Can you still deliver value?

I work in a small, very fast-moving company. So what Andy says in his post resonates with me. But I have a hell of a lot to learn about not just knowing that their are no guarantees, but planning ahead with that in mind. And the better I get at that, the better I will serve my clients, my coworkers and my boss.

1 Response to “the start-up attitude: no guarantees”

  1. 1 Linda December 2, 2006 at 2:48 pm

    My company has been in ‘start-up’ mode for 27 years. By that I mean there is always something we are trying that is new. I think many companies would be more successful if they kept that ‘start-up attitude’ going.

    One thing I do much better now than I did in earlier years…build enough wiggle room into the project timelines to accomodate the inevitable ‘snow’ days in business.

    The fewer times I have to apologize to a client for not meeting the promised deadlines, the better.

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