doing what anyone can do

Leo Bottary writes a blog called Client Service Insights, and his #1 insight is “Insight #1 – Client service excellence isn’t about doing the things no one else can do; it’s about doing the things anyone can do, but just don’t.”

Today I just found out how true that is.

A month ago, we put up an under construction page for a client, whose site is launching next week. Take a look. Nothing fancy.

That nothing fancy page has gathered a large number of names and emails of people who want to hear about Cassin and when the new site launches.

Seth Godin keeps on saying that you just have to let people raise their hands and tell you that they want to hear from you.

Now, when the site launches, we will have a large number of people to inform. And you can bet that email will have a link to tell a friend.

The client did not ask for anything other than your usual under construction page. We were doing the newsletter anyway for the main site, so as an afterthought, we threw the signup form into the under construction page.

1 Response to “doing what anyone can do”

  1. 1 Amber B. November 21, 2006 at 10:14 pm

    It’s a lovely, simple “under construction” page too.

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