2 blog posts + one week = #1 in google

I posted about the WSU Honors College here and here. I tagged the posts ‘honors college blog.’ Now I am #1 in google for the search ‘honors college blog.’
Honors College Blog results

I called up a professor buddy at the WSU Honors College to draw his attention to it, in case my rankings drop. 2 blog posts is not a firm foundation in any way, shape, or form. But it is a beginning.

How many people search for ‘honors college blog?’ I can tell you right now- almost none.

But those few who do, are a highly targeted audience. What highly targeted audiences exist in your industry that you would love to have the attention of?

Let’s try again. I am going to tag this post ‘tax return analysis.’ I am going to wait one week. Any bets?

Note: this only works if there are not any big players in your space. Tag your post ‘google’ and see if anyone cares. They won’t. But for your highly targeted audience, if no competitors are paying attention, that top space can be yours in one week.

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