how the wsu honors college can increase their visibility: if they can do it, so can you

Promoting an Honors College and selling salt are intimately linked, in that google is prime search real estate. Also, people may search in very specific ways.

I posted yesterday about recruiting for Portent Interactive, where I work. In that post I mentioned the WSU honors college, and I tagged the post with ‘wsu honors,’ ‘wsu honors college,’ and ‘honors college blog.’

Today, one day later, I am result #19 for the search ‘honors college blog.’ And note that this result is straight to my blog, not to a wordpress tag page, as with my high results for ‘100 fastest growing companies Puget Sound Business Journal‘ or similar searches.

Within a day or two I expect my post to appear higher up, and under the wordpress tag page.

Here is the point- 1 day and 1 blog post put the Washington State University Honors College on the second page of google for the ‘honors college blog’ search. As you would expect, I will be tagging this post appropriately. Now what if Kim and Jessica decided to start a regular WSU Honors College blog? They could easily be high in the rankings.

Just by blogging.

Now, that is for ‘honors college blog,’ a fairly specific term. How about this term: ‘honors chemistry.’ Search it. Not a blog on the first page. So if you are an honors college, and you have an honors chemistry class, you could talk about it on a blog and get on the second page at the least, within a few days.

So: salt. Search for ‘sea salt.’ Our client Saltworks is number one. Now seach ‘salish smoked sea salt.’ That is one heck of a specific search term. And Saltworks owns it, and their ad is on top, and the have a product search.

Combine Honors chemistry, honors college blog, and salish smoked sea salt, and what you get is a clear reason to a) start blogging now and b) go after those specific, rare terms in your blog.

Not sure what terms matter for what you do? Use google’s keyword tool to help you find what people are looking for. I had no idea ‘honors chemistry’ was important till I used their tool.

4 Responses to “how the wsu honors college can increase their visibility: if they can do it, so can you”

  1. 1 Mark Krupinski May 1, 2007 at 5:06 am

    Hi Brian,

    Great post. Are you saying that tagging your post should be exclusive of your top keywords regardless of redundancy?

    Let me know.



  2. 2 brianatportent May 1, 2007 at 6:08 am

    Mark, please clarify your question.


  3. 3 Mark Krupinski May 1, 2007 at 7:47 am

    I guess what I’m asking is, if you have multiple keywords that work for you (e.g. caribbean cruise, Western caribbean cruise, carnival cruise, etc.), should you use all of them for your tags about a post on Western Caribbean cruising with Carnival Cruise Lines?

    If so, it’s this a little redundant for the User who does a search on your blog as opposed to what helps you with your ranking via search engines?

    Does that make sense?


  4. 4 brianatportent May 2, 2007 at 7:34 am

    You have to balance appealing to humans and appealing to Google.

    Our title tag reads “Internet marketing and search engine optimization agency | Portent Interactive, Seattle, WA”

    Google ranks us #1 for internet marketing agency, but the title tag is still readable.

    Also, don’t use the same word twice- mostly this is not necessary.

    “Explore the Western Caribbean with Carnival Cruise Lines” or something like that may be better than repeating Cruise.

    Fortunantly, we have SEO geeks here who measure all of these things.

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