recruiting through the wsu honors college and the wsu innovation assessment center

I am talking about two things today: how to find good people, and proving a point about how to find good people.

We at Portent Interactive are looking for more client services people. We were in the top 100 fastest growing companies in Washington state this year in large part because we have been hiring good people.

Now we are big enough that we are growing a client services department. I am looking for smart, agile, humble people to work for me. I want intellectual curiosity. I want ambition. I want creativity. I want passion.

I want demonstrated marketing ability. Better yet, demonstrated internet marketing ability. Better yet, demonstrated profitable internet marketing ability. If you don’t have years in industry, that is okay so long as you get internet marketing.

Maybe you are nearing college graduation, and observe that the future lies with those with a deep understanding of the internet. You have a marketing background, with a major in Marketing or, better yet, Entrepreneurship.

Besides loving marketing, you dabble in code, or you sell artwork on the side. Or you have been using Adwords since you were a freshman.

Bottom line, if you have drive and potential, I want to talk with you. Leave a comment on this post.

So that is the sales talk. Now here is the point I am going to prove with this post. The Honors College at Washington State University, of which I am an alumnus, sees some of the best and brightest that school has to offer.

But, they do not appear on the front page search results for a variety of searches. So I am going to tag this post for them, and I bet that within 3 days at the most, I will be on Google’s front page for a few of these searches.

The point of this is to show those in charge that they themselves should be blogging about their (my) school, if they want to attract young tech-savvy students.

Also, I am encouraging the WSU Innovation Assessment Center, which does economic development for smaller companies, that they should start blogging.

I am looking to both these organizations to help me find good people. Now you, dear readers, if you know anyone like I described, please leave me a comment. Also, I specifically want to meet someone involved with the UW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Networking on three. 1, 2,…

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