using news to boost your search engine rankings

Here is how to use news to boost your search engine rankings. First, scoop everyone. Actually, you don’t even have to do that- just scoop everyone on wordpress, or blogger. And then google will put you near the top, sometimes.

I just did this with my post on a bomb exploding at paypal headquarters. The only news I gave was that it had happened, and a link to wikinews.

Is this more important than the CBS article I am ranked higher? Probably not. But I am as of this moment the only blog on wordpress to use the tag “paypal bomb” and google in general likes blogs.

Now, search for “wordpress tags bill clinton” and you will see that this bias in favor of blogs is not unreasonable. For that tag, there is a lot of information, some of it useful.

So if you want your blog to get high in google et al, then talk about news, when it happens, and add value. Notice that my post is higher than the wikinews article. That is a bit silly, but then again, my post will lead more people to the wikinews article than otherwise would have seen it, so maybe it all works out.

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