why is digital agency #1 in google, when ad age wrote the article?

My previous post gives you the link to a blog, and that blog gives you the link to Ad Age, who wrote the story.

But if Ad Age wrote the story, why did I go through a blog to find it?

Here is the title tag and URL of the Ad Age story:
Advertising Age – Better ROI From YouTube Video Than Super Bowl Spot

The same data from the Digital Age blog entry:
DigitalAgency: YouTube beats SuperBowl:

I mentioned the story to Ian, who asked for a link. So I went to google. Did I type in “Better ROI From YouTube Video Than Super Bowl Spot” or “youtube beats superbowl”? Of course the latter- much easier to remember, and gets the point across in the least possible words.

Which is why I saw Digital Agency as #1 in google, while the Ad Age article is not in the top #30.

The title tags and the URLs matter a lot to search engines. Look at the URLs I listed- one includes “youtube beats” while the other has no relevant data.

This is why most blogging software puts the title of the blog post into the URL. To see for yourself, click on the title of this article (to get to unique page where this article is, as opposed to the main blog page.) Now look at the title at the top of your browser screen.

Something like that should not be hard for Ad Age to do, but because they don’t, I go to a blog to find out what Ad Age has to say.

Lesson: a) write news, b) when you build a site, make the title tags short, sweet, and relevant, and c) write news.

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