and your name was?…

Even when we get the names down, the personal data (did they grow up in New Hampshire or Maine?) can be elusive. Linda commented on my post about connecting with people in business asking how I keep track of all the tidbits.

My answer is to pay attention to a very few people. Which is not really an answer, but an explanation that I do not deal with so many people just yet that I have to have a real system. If I do, I will start posting such data in our project tracking tool, within our company forum. That way anyone talking with the client (not that anyone else should be) will know that so-and-so has a newborn.

The problem with this is, maybe the information I learn about should be kept, not private, but not public. Jory calls it Stalk Marketing when someone you don’t know finds out a lot about you in order to sell you stuff.

Key point, know who you are dealing with and how they feel about their personal information. And err on the safe side.

1 Response to “and your name was?…”

  1. 1 Linda November 15, 2006 at 11:07 pm

    I absolutely agree with keeping personal-type info personal. I just had a great meeting with a person who referred me to a client I have now served for ten years. She is in another company and is not bringing me in there. I met with her and her supervisor.

    I now know that her supervisor has a 5th grader and does junior achievement talks in school because we talked about financial literacy. I would not put info on her 5 year old in a shared space, but definitely will enter it in my own notes.

    Not only will it help the ‘sale’ next time we talk that I remember such things, I simply want to. It adds to the richness of the next conversation when you can build on the last.

    Building relationships with business contacts makes business more enjoyable.

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