technorati: getting started

Technorati is a great tool for: understanding what people are saying about you and your business, searching the blogosphere, finding out what matters in the world at any given time, and plenty of other things.

By the end of this intro, you will be able to do the basic functions of finding a blog, finding out how important it is, and who is linking to it.

First go to the Technorati home page. To the right of the search box, you can choose “in blog posts,” “in tags,” or “in blog directory”- leave it on the first one.

Below that, keep it on All Blogs, any authority, and in English. We will play with these later.

Now search for “UW federalist society” without quotes. The top results may not be that relevant- look down till you find the blog “Federalist Society University of Washington Chapter.” This will show up underneath the title of the blog post. To the right, you can see how recent the post is, and also how many blogs link to it.

Click on the name of the blog, and you should end up at the Technorati info page for the UW Federalist Society blog. Here you can see URL info and a variety of other information. Click on the URL you see and you will be taken to the UW Federalist Society homepage.

So now go back to the info page for the blog on Technorati. Click on where it says, underneath the blog title, what rank the blog is, with how many links from how many blogs. As of this writing, the blog is about #400,000, with 29 links from 7 blogs.

The most important part of that is the 7 blogs- this is what they call authority.

More on authority tomorrow…

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