how to say thank you

Today at Service Untitled they are talking about how to say thank you.

One tack we are going to work on is getting company postcards, so after a client meeting, we can go that little bit further in saying thanks.

How can you thank you clients in a way unusual for your industry?

1 Response to “how to say thank you”

  1. 1 Linda November 2, 2006 at 3:00 am

    I get postcards from my part of the country, the Pacific Northwest. When I send a personal note to someone from Florida, I know they are not getting one like it from anyone else.

    And since it is not a company card, it seems more personal.

    If I know that person is really stressed or overworked, I often choose a postcard that has the wildflowers blooming on Mt Rainer. I remind them to take time to smell the flowers. And since I have hiked Mt Rainier and seen those flowers, once again, it feels more personal.

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