why not to transfer content from wordpress to blogger

Sucharith asked how to transfer content to one of the better blogging tools. I say, don’t do it. Start your new blog on Blogger, but keep all your old content on wordpress. Three reasons:

1. Technorati looks at blogs and links, and assuming your blog has any blogs linking to it, that gives you authority in technorati. Move all your content away, and then that authority is wasted. It would be like getting 50 good feedbacks on eBay, then creating a new account.

Why not just duplicate the content? Because search engines will penalize you. Again, this applies only if your blog has some traction. If your audience is small and will follow you to your new blog, no worries.

2. Links and bookmarks- say someone likes your site and bookmarks to a post. Or another blogger links to you. Poor form to have the file not found. Be kind to your readers.
3. There are other ways of telling how important a blog is, like Google PageRank, that you would lose when you switch services and move all the content over.

Solution- start your new blog, and link back to your old blog often. This balances ease of use for you with keeping authority and pagerank with being kind to your readers.

3 Responses to “why not to transfer content from wordpress to blogger”

  1. 1 Philip L. Welch October 26, 2006 at 12:14 am

    Your solution is the lazy one. The correct solution is to import the old content to the new blogging engine and use a script to generate and upload redirect pages from your old URLs to your new ones (or, if possible, alter .htaccess to reformat incoming URLs accordingly). Technology FTW.

  2. 2 brianatportent October 26, 2006 at 12:19 am

    Phil, I am not a tech head. For any techies reading this, absolutely, do it the right way that Phil describes.

    For those who chose wordpress in the first place because it did not require technical understanding, what he said makes sense and is better in the long run, if you have the tech chops to make it happen.

    Glad you are reading, Phil!

  3. 3 Arul February 28, 2007 at 3:22 pm

    The solution is htaccess with mod_rewrite. I’ve moved some of my web pages and altered a few others, and changed .htaccess accordingly. Google has now indexed my current pages and transferred the pageranks.

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