learning without teachers

I stole this blog title from Brough. We are talking about a guy who put internet computers in a playground in India to see what would happen. Short answer: kids with little to no education can teach themselves how to use computers, without any help from the experts.

Guy Kawasaki (whose books you should be reading) mentioned this in his blog, where I got it from. So what’s it mean?

We really don’t understand how learning works. At all. Another blog author mentioned that it would be better called “unschooling”- the idea that teachers (the professionals, anyways) tend to get in the way more than they help the learning process.

So what this means for client services is… well, I am not sure. Let me think about it. But the idea and the fact that it started happening 7 years ago is so cool I had to tell you right away.

Okay, how about this for the takehome: try not to get in your client’s way. Now, if I could just figure out how to do that with my clients…

1 Response to “learning without teachers”

  1. 1 Linda November 2, 2006 at 2:41 am

    As a ‘professional teacher’, also called a trainer, I know there are some things people learn intrinsically and other things they need some help with.

    Tax return analysis, what I teach to bankers, is not a learn-it-yourself process. What is more, there is a huge downside to getting it wrong. These are people who need to get it right, on the job, now.

    The difference with the kids in India, no downside. If they pushed a wrong button or even broke the computer it was okay.

    When people absolutely need to get it right to do the work they do, help the people they help, or help themselves…this is where teaching comes in.

    Creating training that taps into the students inate abilities and gives them a chance to try it their way…that is where a teacher/trainer can use the ideas you talk about.

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