the fastest way to make a good impression

…is to answer client emails fast. Or return their phone calls right away. I emailed a guy just now about his service, expecting to hear back by the end of day tomorrow. And ten minutes later, I was in a conversation with him through email. Now I am very disposed to like his service. Do I know him? No. I don’t even know his position, though I think he is in charge. But I know that he is so on the ball that he answers blog posts and emails right away.

And if we do decide to start using CrazyEgg for something, and Hiten Shah screws up, I will be more likely to cut him some slack. After all, he already showed he cares about me (me, who is not even a customer yet!), so I trust that any problems will be taken care of right away.

So answer all communications with a sense of urgency, because it shows people you care, and that can buy you some slack when you screw up. And, because your clients will love you, they will do things like create a faq for you just to help you out. You care, so they care. Blessed reciprocity.

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