quantum physics and project scheduling

The basics of quantum physics goes like this: sometimes, two states of being can exist at once, and only once you start to measure does the fabric of reality choose just one state to exist in.

The basics of project scheduling go like this: the agency and the client agree on what needs to happen and when it needs to happen, but that is not what really happens, because people get busy or sick or they change their minds or their budgets change, and only if the agency and the client are constantly talking about (measuring) their state of being does the project get finished with both parties feeling like they got a fair shake.

So the way to keep projects from becoming quantum phenomena where there are 2+ sets of expectations is to be in good communication and specifically to ask on a regular basis “This is what I heard. Is that what you were saying?”

1 Response to “quantum physics and project scheduling”

  1. 1 Linda October 14, 2006 at 6:10 pm

    Interesting how everything is connected. Active Listening is a skill that crisis intervention workers perfect in order to be sure they are understanding the person in crisis. Your last quote could have been lifted directly from active listening training.

    Since the Chinese character for ‘crisis’ means Danger+Opportunity, perhaps it is another great metaphor. Being in business has the elements of both.

    So maybe a great customer/client services person would benefit from taking active listening training.

    Other great communication phrases:
    “What would be the best outcome if you…”
    “What is the worst that could happen if you …”

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