face to face meetings

I get to meet with a client in a month. We have been working with Magnuson Hotels (an independent hotel booking site) for a couple of months, but we have not met them face to face.

Now I obviously understand that in the age of the net, face to face is not often needed, and that is partly the point. I don’t need to meet with the folks at UrbanBaby to place ads with them. I email them, they email me, we pay them, and everyone is happy.

But when I know I will be dealing with a person for months and years to come, I want to know who they are. And that does not come from emails, and not from phone calls. I want to shake a person’s hand and look them in the eye.

How many of our clients have we met with face to face? Half? I don’t know. But from here on in, one of the points of having a Client Services Representative around is to go meet people.

There is trust you get from results, and there is trust you get from knowing someone, and you need both for a good long term relationship.

How much better could you serve your clients if you met with them in person from time to time?

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