so why the blog?

Mom asks the question: so why the blog?

Good question.

There are a lot of things unsaid that some people assume everyone understands (like how to take great care of clients). When I run up against these things (like when travelling in Europe, or when going to the mall), and I am the guy who doesn’t have a clue, I get frustrated and embarassed. I don’t like that. I bet you don’t either.

So this blog is so I can talk about what is not as obvious as it may seem in the field of internet marketing, with a focus on client services and client strategy. You should read it so you can find out about both what is obvious to us folks in the business and also what is new and innovative.

The former is more important to people who want a better understanding of internet marketing- you need to know how professionals (and professionals in training) go about approaching challenges.

The latter is more important to people in the field who have the time and inclination to theorize about client services in internet marketing- how to do our jobs better and new ways to think about what we do.

So why the blog? To inform the unfamiliar and inspire the in-the-know.

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